4 Myths Associated With Hair Transplant Process

4 Myths Associated With Hair Transplant Process

People are really sensitive when it comes to issues like baldness. Although men are more prone to baldness it is also seen in women and with more social quotient associated with women, it becomes all the more important for them to cover their baldness.

Some of the people go in depression owing to the psychological impact of this baldness. The good thing is that now professional help in the form of hair transplant is available and people suffering from baldness can make use of these services available at various Capilia stores.

Let’s see some myths associated with hair transplantation process –

  1.    People feel that they can have a small procedure to see that if the hair transplant is a perfect thing for them or not. The truth, however, is that it is a surgical procedure that gives permanent results. Hence all research that you want to do about it needs to be done beforehand. Once you start with it there is no looking back.
  2.    It is a common belief that younger people have better chances of successful hair transplant. The truth is just the opposite. In younger age the pattern of baldness is unpredictable and there are much more chances of having extensive hair loss in future.
  3.    To have a competent doctor is always a mandatory requirement but however experienced a doctor can be, he cannot tell if you have plenty of hair for transplant by merely looking at your hair. He needs to take several factors into consideration including the physical examination of the scalp using a densitometer.
  4.    There is a myth that if you get a large number of graft done, at one go it might result in getting poor blood supply. The blood supply in the scalp is collateralized which means that blood is supplied through interconnected blood vessels which come from different directions. Thus a large number of grafts will get optimum blood supply but the problem is that if grafts are too large or if the transplanted sites are very close to each other the overwhelmed blood supply will result in poor growth.

The modern technological advancements have made it possible to get permanent cure of baldness then why should you hide it under a wig or feel low and depressed. Come on make use of it.

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