Understand the Common Hair Loss Issues and Take Preventive Measures Today!

Understand the Common Hair Loss Issues and Take Preventive Measures Today!

Who doesn’t love silky smooth and healthy hair? Both men and women go to any length to have those beautiful black curls but the fact is today majority of people suffer from hair loss. It affects both men and women. Genes have an important role to play in hair loss but there are many environmental and the habitual factors that play the vital role in it.

Common Reasons for Hair Loss

Also, poor blood circulation in the scalp, hormonal imbalances, hypothyroid and nutritional deficiencies can lead to hair fall. There are numerous solutions both natural and medicinal to prevent this loss but in case nothing works its best to take professional help from pioneers like Capilia.com, in order to get rid of hair loss problems.

Try the Home Remedies Wisely

Most of the people before going for a professional help try home remedies like applying Aloe Vera or fenugreek powder. It is also advised to massage with warm hair oil regularly for strong hair. These methods do work but it needs to be a continuous effort.  Besides using these natural ingredients it is also advised to dry your hairs naturally. This is because heat weakens the hair proteins and continuous use of hair dryers will lead to fragile and brittle hair.

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Don’t Use Products with High Chemicals on Your Head!

Again if you are the one who loves experimenting with various dyes and chemicals a lot then you are inviting trouble for your hair. These chemicals can cause serious irreparable damage to the hair. Similarly, when you bleach your hair the chemical penetrates the cuticle which can result in changing the total structure of your hair making it very weak and susceptible to damage. Thus, excessive bleaching, colouring, blow drying or styling can cause damage to your beautiful hair resulting in extreme hair loss.These are few things that can be prevented.

Few Things That You Can’t Help

If the hair loss is due to hormonal imbalances or genetic factor then you cannot really do much about it and you need to take professional advice. Nutrition also plays an important part in preventing hair loss. Protein is essential for strong hair while a deficiency in iron can lead to anaemia which can disrupt the supply of nutrients to the follicles resulting in hair loss. Thus, if your diet is balanced it will definitely result in a healthy body and hair.

Author Bio: The author Pete is working in the field of trichology for the past 15 years. He is a specialist in helping people with chronic hair loss.

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